Canon Printer Drivers for Windows 10

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To download Canon Printer drivers for windows 10 visit Canon official website. Windows 10 is the latest operating system by Microsoft, which have many features. Windows 10 will install drivers for most Printers itself; if your Printer Model not in the list you need to visit

Canon Printer Drivers for Windows 10

How to install Canon Printer drivers for Windows 10 without CD?

When connecting a Canon printer for your computer, the system typically does not have to install a driver. However, if it is an older system (like the first Windows XP operating system and earlier), the computer may still need the driver installed before detecting the printer that is connected. If the CD is no longer accessible, it’s possible to install the Canon printer driver form the following origin.

  • Open the online browser to the computer and navigate to”
  • Select”Service” in the left side of the website, then click on the present location.
  • Pick”Consumer and Home Office.” In the”Product Family” dialog, choose”Printers & Multifunction.” In the”Product Series” scroll-bar, select the proper product collection. Next, from the”Drivers & Software” dialog, select”Drivers & Software” of the printer model you would like to join.
  • In the”Drivers & Software” scroll-bar, choose the operating system running on your computer, then select the”Download” link. The driver downloads directly to the pc.
  • Double-click the downloaded file, then follow the installation prompts to set up the driver on the system. Once done, the Canon printer is ready for use on your computer.

Above steps will help you to install Printer drivers for Canon on Windows 10.

How to fix Canon Printer driver error on Windows 10?

The printer driver is the link between your computer and your printer which deletes orders to tell the printer and what to publish there are lots of potential reasons why your printer driver may stop functioning. By way of instance, it might be incompatible or corrupted, the settings may be incorrect or it may be lacking upgrades. Repairing a printer driver mistake is often merely a matter of upgrading, installing or installing the Canon Printer drivers for Windows 10.

Here’s how to install a new printer driver:

  1. Go to the Canon official Web site and search for printer drivers for Windows 10, printer drivers for Canonor drivers.
  2. Find the correct driver for your Canon printer model.
  3. Download and install the latest Printer driver. You may have to restart your computer after installing the new driver for Windows 10.

Reinstalling the driver software that came with the printer is fairly straightforward. Simply insert the disk in your disc drive and follow the instructions that appear on your screen

You can update your driver with Windows Update. Once it’s set up, Windows Update will download and install recommended upgrades for your printer. Here’s what how to install:

  • Press Start at the bottom left corner of the display.
  • Type Update from the Search bar and a listing of results will look. Based upon your version of Windows, you might have to select All Apps from the first popup menu. Click Windows Update and in the left pane, click Check for upgrades. Based upon your version of Windows, you might need to choose select the updates you want to install webpage, followed by clicking OK. You’ll then click Install updates on the Windows Update page. Similarly, you may need to choose View available upgrades and then click Install to your driver you wish to install.
  • Supply a password or confirmation if you are motivated to do so. This will show that you’re authorized to make this kind of change. After the procedure is complete, a box will pop up, stating the printer driver was installed correctly.








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